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Computer Repair

In everyday life, things break. That includes your computer. Burlington Computers can repair or replace your hardware and upgrade your computer to make it better than new.

Virus Removal

We at Burlington Computers pride ourselves on being computer “doctors”. We will diagnose your computer to determine the problem, cure it of all kinds of adware, malware, and viruses for a fixed fee and prescribe the most effective solution to keep your data protected.

Cloud Solutions

If the Cloud has you feeling a little cloudy yourself, we can shine some light on the subject. In simple, layman’s terms we will explain the mysteries of the Cloud and how it may, or may not, fit your needs.

Backup Solutions

When was the last time you backed up all of your pictures and videos? If you said never, you’re not alone. Backups can be worrisome and complicated. We would be happy to help secure all of your picture memories, videos, and music. Call (856)266-9737 to learn how we can help.